Probelm in mouse over dcc.Graph


Need your help on below issue. my mouse pointer on right and the value display on left. I could see some gaps in displaying the hover data… Please help…

Hi… can anyone help me please?

Hm, looks like a bug. Can you share the dataset or the app so that we can recreate it on our end?


Sorry for the delay in response. I tried with different Dataset as well. But no luck.

Below is the code. Kindly help…

app.layout = html.Div([

                dbc.Col(dcc.Loading(id="uploadchartload",children=(dcc.Graph(id='uploadchart', config={'displayModeBar': False},style={'height':'70vh'})), type="default"),width=6),
    dash.dependencies.Output('uploadchart', 'figure'),
    [dash.dependencies.Input('my-date-picker-range', 'start_date'),
     dash.dependencies.Input('my-date-picker-range', 'end_date')])
def updategraph(start_date, end_date):
    start_date = dt.strptime(re.split('T| ', start_date)[0], '%Y-%m-%d')
    sdate = start_date.strftime('%d-%b-%y')
    end_date = dt.strptime(re.split('T| ', end_date)[0], '%Y-%m-%d')
    edate = end_date.strftime('%d-%b-%y')
    userqry="select to_char(d_upload_date,'dd-mon-yy HH24') Time, count(1) cnt from datatable where trunc(d_upload_date) between '" + sdate +"' and '" + edate +"' group by to_char(d_upload_date,'dd-mon-yy HH24') order by 1"
    conn1 = pt.open_connection("config.yml")
    df1 = pt.query_to_df(userqry, conn1, 10000)
    df1[['TIME']] = df1[['TIME']].apply(pd.to_datetime)
    df1[['CNT']] = df1[['CNT']].astype(int)
    val = df1[['TIME', 'CNT']]
                'data': [
                    {'x': val['TIME'], 'y': val['CNT'], 'type': 'line', 'name': 'Users'},
                'layout': {
                'modeBar': 'false',
                'title': 'Trend',
                'yaxis': {
                        'title':' Volume'
    return (figure)

Hi… can you please help me on this pls

could you create a simple, minimal reproducible example? see How to Get your Questions Answered on the Plotly Forum for details.