Dash Graph is not coming up

My code is running properly still I am unable to get the graph desired. Please refer to the images attached. Will be very much grateful if anyone can give the solution to the issue I am facing?
On running in the localhost it is till showing loading… and no graph is popping up.
Please help.!!.

I can see an interval in your inputs for the callback. What is value of the interval?
I have had experiences where my desired graph would first appear after the first interval was reached.

  • interval = 10 seconds
  • I launch my app.
  • I open the app in my browser.
  • 10 seconds pass
    –> Graph appears.

Oh, and welcome to the community by the way :slightly_smiling_face:.

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I don’t know which version of Dash you are using, but I can see that there is an “Event” within your code, which is outdated now and maybe it creates a layout mistake.

Thank you and thanks for the help but it worked finally after changing the versions of some of the libraries