Graph Not Showing After Updating from v0.39.0

Everything works fine in v0.39.0 but the graphs do not show up when updated to v0.40.0 or v0.41.0. I do not see any error messages as well. Could really appreciate some help troubleshooting!

Code is pretty long, but basically trying to generate a graph dynamically by updating it’s figure isn’t showing.

EDIT: Updating to v0.43.0rc3 has fixed the issue (whatever it was). Not sure if this is it but previously in the input fields I was using autocomplete=‘off’, however in v0.43.0rc3 an error message popped up to say that I had to use autoComplete=‘off’ and after this change it’s working as intended again. Note: autoComplete=‘off’ does not work in v0.41.0 and earlier as it prompts me to use autocomplete=‘off’

Short Example:

app = dash.Dash(name)
app.config[‘suppress_callback_exceptions’] = True

app.layout = … # Some Other HTML Div’s with Input Fields etc. (Still Displays Correctly)
dcc.Dropdown(id = ‘trigger-callback’, …),
html.Div(id = ‘yield-graph’)

Output(‘yield-graph’, ‘figure’),
[Input(‘trigger-callback’, ‘value’),
# Some Other Inputs
[# Some States]
def create_yield_chart(…):

data_yield = []

for i in range(...): # For Loop to Generate multiple traces and append them to data_yield
    yield_df = # Data Loads Successfully from Database

    # Plot Yield Trend                  
    trace = go.Scatter(
        x = yield_df['date'],
        y = yield_df['yield'] * 100,
        name = line_label,
        opacity = 0.8
layout = {
    'title': 'Yield Trend',
    'autosize': True,
    'yaxis': go.layout.YAxis(automargin = True, title = 'Yield %'),
    'xaxis': go.layout.XAxis(automargin = True, rangeslider = {'visible': False}),
    'uirevision': 'True',
    'showlegend': True
return {'data': data_yield, 'layout': layout}