Prevent chart from resetting after user click

I have a chart where when a user clicks on an event, it brings up more data for that selected event, however, anytime a user clicks on a point, the chart resets and because I have over 90 data points, I would like the chart to stay where the user scrolled/selected the data point instead of resetting back down to the bottom.

Here is the code I’m using:

#create chart
event_chart = px.scatter(df, x="total_mass_source", y="commonName")

    xaxis_title="Total Mass",
        title='Event',  # Set your y-axis title here
    margin=dict(l=150),  # Adjust the left margin value to create more space for the y-axis labels
    title_font = {"size": 20},
    title_standoff = 20,
    title_font = {"size": 20},
    title_standoff = 50,

#get user input
select_event = plotly_events(event_chart, click_event=True)
selected_gwc_event = [point['y'] for point in select_event]

# Display the selected points
st.write("Selected Event:", selected_gwc_event)

Here is a live example:

You can scroll up and click on a data point and you’ll notice how it will reset after the click event loads.