Double click resets ranges as well

I learned that double-click on chart resets the zoom, and that is behavior I’m completely fine with.

However, it seems double click will also ignore the ranges applied to axis’ as well. I would like this feature to be disabled.

So if you apply range to y1 axis for example and do not zoom, but double-click, it will toggle between my set range and no range.

Please advise how to disable this.

Any ideas? I thought if I could listen to some event before relayout, and stop execution in there (dunno if this is possible with plotly?), if we are not zoomed (dunno how to check for that also)?

I see plotly_relayout happens after change is already made. I see plotly_autosize, as happening before, but I don’t see if I can stop execution and it returns undefined for callback param so cannot use that to make a decision.

Is this really not possible to fix?