Double click on scatter 2D plot doesn't reset zoom reliably


After zooming in a 2D ‘scatter’ plot, double click to reset-zoom doesn’t reliably work as sometimes(very less frequent) it doesn’t respond to the double click to reset zoom.

Anyone else face the same or any bug currently opened on this…?

Thanks in advance ,

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Some users have complained that our double-click interval is too short in

This would be the first bug report about this. Would you mind sharing a reproducible example of your ‘scatter plot’ to help us debug?

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hi @etienne…thanks for the reply…

I too realized now(re-tested multiple times) that the bug is due to the double click interval being too short i.e tolerance to the duration between the 2 clicks is too low.

Its replicating consistently with the above scenario where-in the similar time gap between clicks works good for other items like - file/folder opening,executing exes etc.

The solution would be to increase the time interval.

Hi @etienne is there any PR being opened to fix the bug…looking forward for a solution to this