Pointer on plot vs Pointer from Range Slider

Looking for a way to isolate pointer used on the plot from the pointer used on the range slider.

I find that in adding a range slider to any of my plots or subplots causes a discrepancy with the pointer. The pointer will end up being <-> everywhere rather than isolated to just the range slider. Any ideas/thoughts?

hi @Vked1
:wave: Welcome to the community, and thanks for your question.

can you please show us the code and an image/gif of the undesirable pointer.

Due to security I donโ€™t believe I can post code or images of my code. However I can say that the pointer looks like (<->) and comes up as soon as rangeslider_visible is set to true.

I understand. I canโ€™t seem to replicate the error. Can you check the docs and try to create a fake minimal example that can demonstrate the error youโ€™re seeing with the pointer?

seems I was able to recreate the issue without even having to make the code; I am trying to make the + pointer show up on the actual plot and isolate the double sided arrow pointer isolated to the range slider.

hi @Vked1
the pointer shape is the default pointer in Plotly. However, if youโ€™d like to modify it, this post might have the answer.

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YES!! This worked!! Thank you so much!!!