Change the cursor to pointer/default when hover over graph

i am using range slider for my line graph. The cursor always remains of the type <->. i want it to be as it is for range slider area but for the hovering over graph it should be pointer/default. see the image for better understanding.

@stockade, I’m also looking for the this. Have you found a solution?

By the way, my chart has zooming only allowed along the x axis.

I was struggling too with the cursor. I’ve found a solution. It’s possible to override the default css settings. This answer was a big help to me:

The key is to create a folder named “assets” in the same directory where your .py- file is stored. In the folder “assets” you create a file “my-desired-name.css”. The css file contains this piece of code:

.js-plotly-plot .plotly .cursor-ew-resize {
cursor: crosshair;

Don’t forget to add the css as an external stylesheet in your python script:
app = dash.Dash(__name__, external_stylesheets=['my-desired-name.css'])

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I did this, but it seems like its being overwritten by something that’s “inline”. I’m not sure how to override that…

Here’s a screenshot of the Inspector.

Also, I’m not sure you need to include it in the external_stylesheets if it’s in the assets folder… Dash seems to detect/load it automatically. I tried this exercise with and without adding the css to to external_stylesheets and couldn’t get it working either way.