Ploty Graphs Not Appearing/Blank Cells


I am somewhat new to python and I am just starting a machine learning class for my MS. My professor introduced to plotly to us and I am having some really strange issues. When I go to run a plot/graph its clear the the package is making something but I can’t see anything. When I do it in jupyter and blank “output” cell prints and its clear juptyer thinks something is there but the graph is not actually showing up. When I run something in sypder a variable is poping up in the explorer but not plot is coming up anywhere( not console, plots, etc) and when I try to open the variable viewer it won’t open. To make sure it wasn’t a code error I have been trying all the examples from the website with the built in data and am getting the same response. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and still no luck.

Any thoughts?