Plots not showing ipython notebook

Hi all,
I’m trying the new offline mode with the python API.
I just followed the first example here:

but I only get a python code:

<IPython.core.display.HTML object>

and no html frame and no plot displaying
I pretty new with the python API, so sorry if the question seems trivial.

If someone can give me some hints…



Thanks for reporting Matteo. Could you share with us the notebook? One easy way to share is to upload it to, and then copy the link of that gist to

Thanks for the quick answer…
pretty simple actually:

with this code nothing happens

Hi! I’m running into the same issue. Any updates on this?

What version of Plotly are you running?
Try running:


You may have to run `pip install plotly --upgrade` if you're not using **version 1.9.0** or higher as mentioned:
In [1]: import plotly

In [2]: plotly.__version__
Out[2]: '1.9.5'

I have got the same problem, help would be really cool…
I have version 1.9.5, too.