Plotly plots are not showing on Jupyter Notebook even after

This happened suddenly, it was working just fine before. I’m trying to convert the Jupyter notebook to HTML so I can use it for my website. Everything was working fine until a few days ago I assume, then today I tried to download my notebook as HTML and no plots were showing on HTML version.

Now then, I went back to my notebook to re-generate all plots, all of sudden, no plots are showing. Below is the code for one of my plot:

fig = px.sunburst(top10_trump_support, path=['State','County'], values='Trump Share', color='Trump Share',
                  color_continuous_scale='OrRd', title='Top 10 Trump Support County and State',
                  hover_data=['Trump Share'])
fig.update_layout(coloraxis_colorbar_title='Trump Share')
fig.update_traces(hovertemplate="Trump Share: %{customdata[0]}")

Also, my previous visualization with Plotly on Jupyter notebook (that I created a few days ago) works still fine, so I assume I only have a problem with this particular notebook? What could be the reason and how can I fix this issue? Thank you in advance!

That’s weird. Try to create a new notebook and copy-paste this code in that notebook. See if that works. If not, what error do you get?

I think I had an error… I tried a few days later, and it’s working fine now! Still don’t know why this happened but… glad it got solved. Haha. Thanks!