Blank figures in Jupyter

Plots are coming out blank for me. Gaps exist to give space for the plot, but nothing is shown. I’m in offline mode and have used init_notebook_mode(). This notebook on nbviewer shows an example of the issue. (Source for my Plotly calls is here.)

Other plots, like the sample suggested in thread 1860 do work. So does downgrading to Plotly 1.9.5, as suggested in Plotly’s GitHub issue #506.

Error messages

I get the following series of errors in my browser log when plots fail:


$ python3 --version && ipython --version && jupyter --version
Python 3.6.1 :: Anaconda custom (x86_64)

I’ve been having the same issue. It’s intermittent but seems to happen after I’ve been plotting and replotting a lot of figures. I’ve tried restarting when this happens, increasing my jupyter notebook memory, but nothing works. have you found a solution? same problem persists in jupyterlab.

Hi @Msweeney,

Could you open a bug report at that includes some example code that reproduces the issue (even if it doesn’t reproduce it every time) and the JavaScript console errors that are showing up when no plot is displayed. Both from the classic notebook and from JupyterLab would be helpful if you’re seeing the error in both places.


hey jon,

thanks for the quick response! i just opened up the notebook this morning and it’s working again. i will definitely submit a bug report the next time it fails and i can grab the JS console error.