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Blank plots in Plotly.jl

I’m using Plotly in jupyter notebook and Julia. I have a feeling that it’s working randomly.
Sometimes plots are working perfectly but sometimes I get blank space instead of a plot.

For example this code sometimes works and sometimes it’s not.
using Plotly
function linescatter1()
trace1 = scatter(;x=1:4, y=[10, 15, 13, 17], mode=“markers”)
trace2 = scatter(;x=2:5, y=[16, 5, 11, 9], mode=“lines”)
trace3 = scatter(;x=1:4, y=[12, 9, 15, 12], mode=“lines+markers”)
plot([trace1, trace2, trace3])

Fun thing, that it works every time when i create new notebook file.
How do I get that to work everytime?

This might be related to Offline Mode in Jupyter Notebook shows blank graphs

Updating the latest version should solve the issue.