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Plotlywidget nbextension error

When I use FigureWidget in jupyter notebooks, no plot is shown when the cell is executed.

and I get the following error in my console

However, when I call using something like iplot(f), then the plot displays:

I think this is occurring because my plotlywidget nbextension is not installed correctly, so I did
jupyter nbextension list

I think this means that plotlywidget was not installed. I also have up-to-date versions of packages since I have followed these threads:

*Error Displaying FigureWidget
*Generating plots using FigureWidget in a for loop

Is there any way I could manually download the source for plotly widget to install it so the extension will work? Long story short, I run into permission errors (only allowed to use conda and pip install for approved packages, later versions I have to python install from source) so when I do ‘jupyter nbextension install plotlywidget’ or some variant thereof I run into problems.

Hi @nicolascage,

Yeah, it looks like a problem with the extension installation. Unlike the classic notebook, the installation of JupyterLab extensions requires access to the public npm repository (, even when installing the extensions from source.

Also, to get plotlywidget to work, you need a working install of the @jupyter-widgets/jupyterlab-manager extension (this extension supports the built-in ipywidgets).

If you don’t have npm access, you’ll need to look into offline installation of JupyterLab extensions. This is not a very smooth process at the moment, here’s the best info I know of right now

Though it doesn’t help you today, we do have plans to build and release a conda package that will bundle all of the plotly related JupyterLab extensions. It sounds like that would be helpful in your situation, so keep an eye out for that :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @jmmease! Thanks for the quick and detailed response. As a follow up, are you saying that to get this to work for Jupyter Notebook, I also have to have a working installation of the Jupyter Lab extension? I’m currently not using Lab and just trying to get it to display for Notebook. I’ll take a look at that link and post updates if I can get it to work.

Oh sorry, I misunderstood your situation. No, if you’re using the classic notebook none of that JupyterLab info is necessary :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d recommend double checking that you have "notebook>=5.3" and "ipywidgets>=7.2" installed using either conda or pip (not both).

If that doesn’t help, could you include your full output of:

  • pip list
  • jupyter nbextension list
  • conda list


Hi Jon,

Sorry for not responding quickly. The good news is that I managed to get FigureWidget to work and display properly! What I ended up doing was doing a fresh environment for Python 3.7 with the default packages from Anaconda3 on a separate laptop. I then only needed to conda install plotly and then everything worked on that laptop when using Jupyter Notebook. I packaged up the environment and did an offline installation on my other computer which allowed me to have an environment with a working FigureWidget functionality. Although I have not yet fully investigated why it was so hard to get FigureWidget to originally work on my main computer, I think it might be a result of using both conda and pip to install packages which like you said, shouldn’t be done.

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