Plotly Maps using live weather overlay

Over a year ago there was a map on the plotly website that showed a live weather overlay on one of their maps I canโ€™t seem to find it anymore. Does anyone know if it still exists or how to use it? I wanted to plot a few lat and long locations and see the active weather on the map at the same time.

Is something like that possible still?

Thanks for your help

Iโ€™ve plotted a few location across the state where I have people working outside and would like to be able to see an overlay of the weather in those locations live on the map. I know I could probably have a different component tile the weather based on the locations used on the map but the map I saw a year ago was nice to look at and it was all in one place.

This example might be what youโ€™re thinking about? Mapbox Map Layers | Python | Plotly

radar data from environment canada.

Thanks for response, I found lots of information here, Really appreciate for help.