Please help! Overlay density_mapbox and scatter_mapbox

Could you please help me?
I want to overlay a density mapbox and a scatter mapbox in one map.
If i use add_trace, then the second mapbox is not visible.

Here is my try:

> fig1 = px.density_mapbox(df1, lat='Latitude', lon='Longitude', z='sum', radius=10,
>                         zoom=4, mapbox_style="stamen-terrain")
> fig2 = px.scatter_mapbox(df2, lat="Latitude", lon="Longitude", color="sum", size="sum", 
>                   color_continuous_scale=px.colors.sequential.Bluered, size_max=25, zoom=4, mapbox_style="stamen-terrain")
> fig1.add_trace([0])

If I use this code, I only see the fig1. I googled hours, but I couldn’t find a solution for that. Please help me…


I’m not a Plotly expert but if you call why you expect to see fig2 ?

Perhaps you need to put the px.scatter also in fig1 :thinking:

I did add fig2 with add_trace…