Plotly in stand alone offline GUI

I’m trying to build a stand alone offline GUI, probably in python, that would take a series of user input, run calculations, and then output a plotly 3D scatter plot at which point the user could click on one of the points and would get more information about that point, etc. I see that plotly has great 3D scatter plots to do this, my question is, before I go down this road of making an offline gui, is it possible to embed such a plot in a gui rather than in a browser? The underlying issue/reason here is that there are fairly extensive calculations going on in the background, largely through Matlab code, that can take many hours and a) I would like to avoid browser crashing and b) I would like to keep everything in a user friendly single concise location where the plot is contained within the gui. Please let me know if this is possible or if I should look at another way of doing this

Update: So it looks like I can create an html viewer within a python window, does anyone know if that would be a feasible way of embedding the plot and if so if it would still be interactive and return clicks etc.?

I want to do a similar task, but don’t know whether it’s possible for plotly