Plotly graph is showing duplicate y-axis tick marks when you zoom in

Hello all, as the title say I am encountering with the duplicate y-axis tick marks as I zoom in on a Plotly graph. Not sure whether it is due to the structure of a time series data or a problem with the Plotly graph itself. I have experiment with all the layout.yaxis ticks related options with no avail.

As last resort, I even experimented with setting number of ticks equal to the unique rank values in the data set, again no hope :frowning:

            date  rank    rating
2179 2023-02-27    10  0.023367
2180 2023-02-28    10  0.023364
2181 2023-03-01    10  0.023361
2182 2023-03-02    10  0.023366
2183 2023-03-03    10  0.023363
...         ...   ...       ...

Couple of screenshots from the problem I am having:

Any help would greatly appreciated,
Thanks to all in advance!

I think there is an example on the docs for different ranges depending on the zoom which might help you.

Edit: this one.


Are you formatting your y axis at all? If you are already formatting the y axis ticks to be integers, then this is likely a rounding issue where the tick marks in your image may be 66.1 and 66.3. Once you zoom in and it adds gridlines on non-integer values, it will still only display integers if thatโ€™s the tick formatting you have applied. AIMPEDโ€™s link shows how you can specify the tick mark formats at different zoom levels (aka y-value ranges for you)

For example, here is some data I work with that is generally in the 1000s. I am not formatting my y-axis values and this is what happens by default when I zoom in far enough:

Hey @GallopingNarwhal,
Thank you for your reply. Yeah I had also made the same conclusion as your suggestion. Indeed, It seems to be a rounding issueโ€ฆ