Duplicate numbers on y-axis of line chart

Hi guys, recently I faced a problem and there are duplicate values on the y-axis of my line chart. can anyone please help me?

More info or some minimal code would help folks suggest solutions Goli. See this helpful post https://community.plotly.com/t/how-to-get-your-questions-answered-on-the-plotly-forum/40551

I saw at least one past solution, if you ran a search, that might give clues?

For example… what yaxis properties are in your code, or are those the defaults?

Is this screenshot showing your full range of y data, or are these low compared to other values?

Are you using one trace or multiple traces? If multiple, do your number formats match (like are they all floats?)

y axis is showing vulnerability number per day and can be None, 0, and any other positive number. When numbers are more than 5 it shows correctly but for numbers, up to 4 or 5, it shows duplicated.


these are the attributes of the graph too.