Issues with axis range and its labels

I have been using plotly for the first time. and i am facing some issue with it.
so basically i am working on some time series data and if we will see the the image attached, there is a problem with the y - axis because of the way it formats the axis, due to which the peak and the dip effects in this time series data looks much bigger than what actually it is. can anyone help me to fix this error.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @abhi_22 and welcome to the forum! :tada:

You should be able to fix that with update_yaxes, like this:

fig.update_yaxes(range=[0, 4000])

thanks @celia , that actually worked.
Apart from that , I was also wondering if there is a way by which i can add this same functionality to a specific subplpot rather than complete fig ?

You should be able to do that like this:


Where the number next to yaxis is the number of the subplot, starting from 0.