Plotly.Fx.hover in plotly version > 2.X.X


As working in this codepen, I’m using Fx.hover to display datapoints on every suplot on hover :

But I’ve read that in plotly v2.X.X we can’t use FX.hover anymore.
So my question is, is there a way to achieve that with plotly 2.X.X ? Or do we have to continue to code on 1.58.5 for the moment ?

Thank you

Finally it seems that Fx.hover is still working in 2.8.3. The problem was actually that with hovermode ‘closest’ it only displays the closest point, so we have to be in hovermode ‘x’ so that it works on all subplots. And I assume that default value of hovermode changed between v1.58.5 and v2.8.3 from ‘x’ to ‘closest’.

I edited my codepen to have a working version in 2.8.3.