Plotly Doc Suggestion


First off, let me say I am an absolute plotly newb, so that is the view this suggestion is coming from. You have created something that is super awesome, but, like other robust libraries, have some nuances and a learning curve to grasp. On top of that, there is so much customization that can be done with the charts, it can be overwhelming. Currently, I have tabs open to the /layout/geo, python/choropleth-maps/, reference/choropleth/, reference/layout, pages and am jumping around to figure out where I need to modify what. I’m sure as time goes on, some of this will become second nature, but right now it’s a lot lol.

So, to my suggestion and reason for opening this topic. I think it would be extremely helpful for an interactive example in the docs. For instance, taking this example from the docs:

A user can mouseover something, take the frame for example, it would be highlighted and a popup will display showing what that particular thing is called, and how it can be edited (excuse my crude PowerPoint skills):

I think something like this would be extremely useful for new users, and would be unique to plotly docs.

Thanks for reading! And also, I’m sorry if this isn’t the place for this.