Choropleth maps problem

I want to start using Plotly.js on our web site.
We use choropleth maps based on custom shape files.
I found posts saying it is possible with some fiddling, but have not found any straightforward end-to-end examples.

Can anyone point me to example with code and step-by-step instructions please?


Looking at Create your own choropleth map with custom shapefiles would be a good place to start.

Hi etienne

I assume plotly dev team cannot provide an example. Does it mean you don’t recommend to use maps yet? Any plans when this functionality will be easy to use? Will you help me to build it when I subscribe to one of your plans?


I there were many replies on this post, but none was able to provide an end to end solution since most questions were unanswered. :slight_smile: Is it possible to help us a bit more? Thank you in advance!