Plotly Dash Bank Statement Analyser

Hey folks,

I was not sure where to post this but a little while ago I uploaded a project of mine that I made after watching Adam’s tutorials on YouTube. It takes a csv bank balance sheet and provides a little dashboard to analyse it.

I have only just had time to make this post but its on github for anyone who wants to use it, expand on it etc Any constructive feedback is welcome too :))

Really enjoyed doing it and there is also a working demo you can test on python anywhere.


live demo:

If anyone is curious as to how to style the little details on the tables and such I just used the inspector in the browser, the css classes seem like a spaghetti nightmare at first glance but there is a method to madness, if you inspect the element tree thoroughly almost everything can be re-styled.

Thanks to Adam for his excellent tutorials!


Welcome back @techienomad

Thanks for sharing the app and open sourcing the code :pray:

How long did it take you to build this?

Hey thanks, my pleasure, I did it over 3 weekends (I just wanted to build something from scratch after following the tutorials) but once I had done it I think it would probably take me a couple days or so to whip it up, which is a good feeling :slight_smile: I learned a lot.

I recently updated the code and made a video explaining it while I was tidying up my projects:

GitHub Repo

YouTube Video

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amazing app, @techienomad.
Thanks for sharing. It looks like the balance sheet should have a certain format. Would it be worthwhile to provide an image of what the balance sheet’s columns and data should look like?

Could you also make it so that we don’t need to scroll to the right on the page to see the whole app/controls?

thanks for the feedback, ah the perils of developing on an ultra wide monitor! I have just updated the css to scale correctly. Bare in mind that it scales fine when maximizing a window but when scaling a window down you have to reload the page. Its to do with plotly’s rendering of elements, can hack it with js to trigger a reload on scale but not a good practice :slight_smile:

I included an example data set in the repo, as well as print it out if the wrong data type is input but you’re right a screenshot wouldn’t hurt.

I also updated the pythonanywhere live demo app:
Live Demo