Plotly Dash Bank Statement Analyser

Hey folks,

I was not sure where to post this but a little while ago I uploaded a project of mine that I made after watching Adam’s tutorials on YouTube. It takes a csv bank balance sheet and provides a little dashboard to analyse it.

I have only just had time to make this post but its on github for anyone who wants to use it, expand on it etc Any constructive feedback is welcome too :))

Really enjoyed doing it and there is also a working demo you can test on python anywhere.


live demo:

If anyone is curious as to how to style the little details on the tables and such I just used the inspector in the browser, the css classes seem like a spaghetti nightmare at first glance but there is a method to madness, if you inspect the element tree thoroughly almost everything can be re-styled.

Thanks to Adam for his excellent tutorials!


Welcome back @techienomad

Thanks for sharing the app and open sourcing the code :pray:

How long did it take you to build this?

Hey thanks, my pleasure, I did it over 3 weekends (I just wanted to build something from scratch after following the tutorials) but once I had done it I think it would probably take me a couple days or so to whip it up, which is a good feeling :slight_smile: I learned a lot.