Plotly candlesticks: docs have outdated examples?

I am working on some candlestick charts in Plotly. The examples from the online documentation specify that PlotlyFinance is required, but then I go to the PlotlyFinance github page, and it says it is deprecated because Plotly added native candlestick and ohlc charts in version 1.18.

Are there documentation examples for using the native candlestick and ohlc chart types?

Here’s an up-to-date example:

Thanks much for putting that together. Also, for illustrating a couple of other things that were not clear to me.

I see the docs have changed. Excellent! I was wondering if someone could tell me how to get rid of the rangeselector? I see examples of how to set its options, but it isn’t clear how to remove it from the plot.

Answering my own question after looking at source code. 'rangeslider: { display: false } inside the ‘xaxis’ settings did the trick.