Combining Candlesticks with Line Chart?

I am trying to use Plotly to set up a browser-based financial monitoring console. So far the candlesticks are working great, but I want to add some indicators such as moving averages, bollinger bands, etc. I can’t seem to find anywhere in the documentation that explicitly shows how to do this. When I try to add both candlesticks and line chart data to a plot, it will only plot the line chart. Is it possible to do what I am looking for, or am I beating my head up against a limitation of the service?

Using PlotlyFinance.createCandlestick of the plotly.js finance wrapper yields an object, call it fig, with keys data and layout.

To add a line trace to your chart simply append the array with a new trace.

For example,

var fig = PlotlyFinance.createCandlestick({/* options */});{
   type: 'scatter',
   mode: 'lines',
   x: [1,2,3],
   y: [2,1,2]

Plotly.plot('myDiv',, fig.layout);

Hope this helps!

That project is now marked as deprecated… So can we add a scatter diagram to a candlestick diagram?
Should be possible I guess…