Plot the DOS of fcc Si with py4vasp

Dear user and experts

I am using Plotly for Python and it is installed and working perfectly except when I tried with Vasp software when I try to plot DOS for some compound it is not plotting
I might be doing something wrong and need your help
Please see my commends
1-import py4vasp
2-mycalc = py4vasp.Calculation.from_path( β€œ./e02_fcc-Si-DOS” ) Data is Here

3- mycalc.dos.plot()

I get the following output and is not the write one (No Plot)

name=β€˜total’, width=None, y2=False, subplot=None, color=None, marker=None)], xlabel=β€˜Energy (eV)’, xticks=None, ylabel=β€˜DOS (1/eV)’, y2label=None, title=None)

PS. I tried your example work perfectly
Thank you for your effort and time