Help to plot with vasp

I am using vasp software and hope to plot DOS of the following

Plot the DOS of fcc Si with py4vasp Please see my commends

import py4vasp
mycalc = py4vasp.Calculation.from_path( “/home/sherifyehia/Desktop/TUTORIALS/bulk/e02_fcc-Si-DOS”)
‘data’: [{‘name’: ‘total’,
‘type’: ‘scatter’,
‘x’: array([-16.29085031, -16.17243082, -16.05401133, …, 18.99815737,
19.11657686, 19.23499634]),
‘y’: array([0., 0., 0., …, 0., 0., 0.])}],
‘layout’: {‘template’: ‘…’, ‘xaxis’: {‘title’: {‘text’: ‘Energy (eV)’}}, ‘yaxis’: {‘title’: {‘text’: ‘DOS (1/eV)’}}}

I hope you can point my mistakes for not plotting the above DOS element

Thank you for your effort and time