Pixel to values scatter3D


I have to build a sphere in a 3D scatter plot which is based on a sphere defined by the x, y and z positions (ie: center) and a radius of for exemple 40 pixels.
I have the formula to build a sphere based on a center point and a radius but my problem is that the sphere radius is in pixel and I and need a radius values for each axes (x, y, z).
So my question: how can I kow the x, y and z radius values based on the radiusof the sphere in pixel (that I know)?
Is there a way to retrieve cameras parameters to transform x pixel in values for each axes for exemple?

Thanks a lot for your help and sory for my english



Thanks for asking questions about the Scatter3d. I have same question on 3d figures. I haven’t had any success with ‘Layout’ settings in my Scatter3d figures. Could someone give tutorials/examples/share code on 3D figure Layout on Dash, please?



how to optimise layout?