Pattern-matching Slow performance

So I’m playing around with pattern-matching callbacks for some of the stuff that I’m working on when it comes to the performance when stress-tested with 100 elements and I’m finding that it takes a pretty massive hit to performance. Went through the docs and found that in the AIO section, this pattern matching limitation is mentioned as something that might get fixed eventually, but I was wondering whether that is something that I can anticipate coming out in the near future or whether I should try to find some other way to work around this limitation? Thanks! (if anyone has suggestions on how to go about working around the deteriorated performance, I’m all ears!)

As an update to this, I should add that I currently have 3 layers of pattern-matching configured (app-level, view-level, and data-level), which now that I’m thinking about it is likely the root of the slow-down. I was hoping to build in as much flexibility into the design of my application as possible, but I’m assuming that the multiple layers of pattern matching callbacks is creating a series of issues. @chriddyp mind weighing in whenever you get a few minutes? Is there a good way to stay in python and handle multiple levels of pattern-matching? (i.e. something like: {“app_id”: MATCH, “view_id”: MATCH, “data_id”: MATCH, “component_id”: “sample_component”}). Thanks!