Overlapping figure factory hexbin mapbox and go.Table trace

Loving the figure factory hexbin map! Is there a way I can append a table below it? I can see that my table loads up behind the hexbin map, but can’t get it to show up below it like in a subplot (row=2). Any help would be appreciated.

import pandas as pd 

import numpy as np

import plotly.offline as pyo

import plotly.graph_objects as go

from plotly.subplots import make_subplots

import plotly.figure_factory as ff

import plotly.express as px

from plotly import subplots

#from plotly.tools import FigureFactory as ff


#df = pd.read_csv('test.xlsx')

df = pd.read_excel(open('test.xlsx','rb'), sheet_name='Sheet1.xlsx')

df2 = pd.read_excel(open('test.xlsx','rb'), sheet_name='Sheet2.xlsx')

df3 = pd.read_excel(open('test.xlsx','rb'), sheet_name='Sheet3.xlsx')

df4 = pd.read_excel(open('test.xlsx','rb'), sheet_name='Sheet4.xlsx')

df5 = pd.read_excel(open('test.xlsx','rb'), sheet_name='Sheet5.xlsx')

#Initializing a figure with fff 

fig = ff.create_hexbin_mapbox(

        data_frame=df5, lat="Lat", lon="Lon",

        nx_hexagon=20, opacity=0.6, labels={"color": "Cov_Wind"},

        min_count=1, color_continuous_scale="Viridis",


        original_data_marker=dict(size=7, opacity=0.6, color="deeppink")


trace1 = go.Table(



    cells=dict(values=[df2.County, df2.CountDistinctStreetAddress, df2.DistinctControlNo, df2.Premium, df2.LocationTIV],




fig['layout']['xaxis2'] = {}

fig['layout']['yaxis2'] = {}

fig.layout.xaxis.update({'domain': [0, 1]})

fig.layout.xaxis2.update({'domain': [0, 1]})

fig.layout.yaxis.update({'domain': [0, .5]})

fig.layout.yaxis2.update({'domain': [.51, 1]})

#fig.layout.yaxis2.update({'anchor': 'x2'})

fig.layout.margin.update({'t':50, 'b':100})

fig.layout.update({'title': 'Munich FL: Weekly Report - Wind Only'})


Hi @chriddyp @nicolaskruchten, Was hoping you could provide some insight on this. Not sure if this is possible?

Got the table to move up front, but still can’t get it to move down. Any suggestions?