Option List returned by Callback Rejected by Dropdown

Hi all,
I tried googling a bit for this one but with little success, although the issue might be quite simple to solve. I have the following Dropdown:

				id = 'su-dropdown',
				multi = True,
				placeholder = 'Select supplier(s)',
				options = [])

Which the use can use to choose from a list of suppliers. The options in the list depend on other variables that are passed from other elements. So, I wanted to write the following callback

app.callback([dash.dependencies.Output('su-dropdown', 'options')],
				[dash.dependencies.Input('dataload-dropdown', 'value'),
				dash.dependencies.Input('datepick-range', 'start_date'),
				dash.dependencies.Input('datepick-range', 'end_date')]
def update_su_options(value, start_date, end_date):
        # there might be a better way to do this, but for now I got this to work
        # also because default values from the date picker don't get automatically passed unless user 
        # chooses dates themself

	if (value is None) or (start_date is None) or (end_date is None):
		raise PreventUpdate
                #value picks dataset
		df = dataset_dict[value]

	option_list : List[Dict[str,str]] = []
        # filter by dates passed into callback 
	option_df = df[(df.Date >= start_date) & (df.Date < end_date)]

        # clean and reformat to mach [{'label' : label, 'value' : value}] spec of option prop
	option_list = option_df[['SupplierName','SupplierID']].\
					rename(columns = {'SupplierName' : 'label',
									'SupplierID' : 'value'}).\

	# TODO: fix this return
	return option_list

Now the app raises callback errors saying it expected only 1 variable to be returned, not len(option_list). When I print the list to the console, however, it looks like what I would specify manually. Does anyone here know how I could make this work or if there’s a better way to do this?

In case someone faces a similar problem in the future.

Changing return option_list to return [option_list] fixed the problem for me.