Return DropDowns components to the callback outputs

Hi is it possible to return a dropdown to the call back output, which have the id of an html.div componenent. inputs to the call back function will be two dcc store components,1) options(data frame read from a csv file)and value will be the user selected value, which will be none at the initial stage. The reason why i am try to implent a dropdown like this is to hold the value selected by the user and save it in a session variable. so that when i navigate to next page and come back the dropdown value should be recently selected value only. i tried several methods but it showing circular dependencies error

vesselname = pd.read_csv("IMO_List.csv",encoding='ANSI')
app = dash.Dash(suppress_callback_exceptions=True)
app.layout = html.Div([
dcc.Store(id='store-options', data=vesselname, storage_type='session'),
dcc.Store(id='store-value', data=[], storage_type='session'),
        html.Label(children='Vessel ID - Vessel Name', style={'font-size': '20px', 'color': '#ffcc66'}),
 Output(component_id='dropdown', component_property='children'),
 [Input(component_id='store-options', component_property='data'),
Input(component_id='store-value', component_property='data')
def drpdown_fil2(options, value):


That’s what the persistence feature is for: Persisting User Preferences & Control Values | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly


Hi Yanboe, it worked thanks a lot!!!