Open-Source Social Science Data Gathering Dashboard


I am an economics major working on my portfolio in search of a job. I have made an open-source dashboard utilizing Flask and Dash. The Dashboard currently has:
GUI to Query data for:

  • Notable Entities Match utilizing the Google Knowledge Graph API
  • SERP Keyword Search utilizing Scrapy
  • Twitter User Query utilizing API v2

Features I am close to implementing:

  • Twitter User Timeline Retrieval
  • Twitter User Followers Retrieval
  • SpaCy word tokenization and visualization in Plotly

If you would like a copy of the dashboard, or to star the repo so you may keep an eye on it as I gradually add more features, the link is below. I hope you find it useful:

[GitHub Link]

Thanks for sharing @RiskyBiscuit ! Would you mind sharing some screenshots of what the app looks like?

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Here is a sample of the Twitter Feature, you type in any valid Twitter user name, the API call will grab the assigned twitter_id → go to that users timeline and scrape 100 records from their timeline → then SpaCy is used to tokenize the text

Since there are so many words tokenized, you can utilize the histogram’s zoom feature to drill down and the words on the Y-axis update. Below is an implementation for the Google Knowledge Graph API: