Not getting replies what am I doing wrong

So I came here from a video on Youtube which indicated that this was an active Dash forum. I have asked questions but received no answers. I must be doing something wrong. Normally there would be some form of response even if to tell me I was in the wrong area. I don’t THINK my questions are unreasonable or off topic but if the moderators could give me some indication as to what is the issue. Not upset just interested.

thank you

Hi @comicpilsen welcome to the forum :-). I’ll try to take a look at some of your posts later in the day. Since you’re asking, it is easier for moderators to answer questions where the user has already prepared the work, which usually means providing a standalone snippet of code (using dummy data) which we can just copy and paste in a script (for a Dash app) or in a jupyter notebook cell (for a plotly figure). This saves us a lot of time because we can directly see what is going on and build on the user-provided code. A side-effect is also (I think) that sometimes trying to isolate a problem or a given behaviour in a standalone code sometimes allows users to solve their problems :-).

I’ve seen that you’ve already put some code in your posts which is really a good start. Making the code standalone would be even better if you can because then we can just copy and paste. Otherwise sometimes I know the answer from the top of my head and I can answer without testing, but usually I want to be 100% sure that my answer is correct so I will still need to execute the code, that is adding some imports if they are not present, adding the definition of the layout if the user did not provide callbacks etc.

But don’t worry there is nothing wrong with your posts, if you can try to save us as much time as possible you’re more likely to get answers, but to be frank there’s also a question of luck, on average there are 50 posts per day, some days are closer to 100. It is worth sometimes bumping an unanswered post to the top by adding a comment (and of course, a comment like “I also tried this and that” can be more informative than “WTH, still no answers to my post??” ;-))

Also adding screenshots can sometimes be very useful when a plot does not look like what you expected.

thank you so much for such a considered reply. I understand the need for code and will do my level best to do that in the future. I’ll certainly look into putting up dummy data as well. I am very happy that it wasn’t the tone of my posts causing a problem as I don’t want to be “that” person who is rude or seen to be NOT putting in the grunt work.
thank you again

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