Node-based flow editors

Hi Dash Community,
I want to create an Dash (julia) app using interactive node-based flow editors such as

or GitHub - wbkd/react-flow: Highly customizable library for building interactive node-based UIs, editors, flow charts and diagrams

Please tell me if there are ready-made Dash components for this, or which of these two components (or which other) is easier to convert into a Dash component?


Both links are to the same library?

I haven’t seen any components with the same functionality ported to Dash, but it looks like a pretty useful component. And since a react version is available, it should be relatively straight forward to write a Dash wrapper. If you do, please post a link here :slight_smile:

Hi, is there any updates on this? Been looking for a library similar to this but I have only found mermaid.