No jittering for Plotly histogram, marginal rug

Often I use Plotly histograms for time series. One example will be finding the counts of papers being published across time, at a specific date.

If I add the argument marginal=rug, I can further see the name of the articles being published on the specific date if I hover above it.

Here is a problem. If there are multiple papers getting published on the same day, all of them will appear stacked on marginal=rug and I can only see the first paper that is being published for the day. If jittering is available, I would have been able to hover across more samples for that particular day.

My current fix is to add a slight random datetime difference (a few hours of random time from the original date of publishing), but it would cause problems if I were to export the noise-introduced data to different places.

TLDR: Can we get a jittering feature for histogram, marginal rug?