No hover data with trendline

Greetings! I am having trouble with the trendline for a calibration curve not displaying any data when I hover over it. The data points hover but not the trendline (picture 1). Also, I noticed that if I swap my x and y values, the line then generates hover data (picture 2). I can see that in picture two, the line extends slightly beyond the points where in one, point one and two are touching the line. Could it be the program assumes it is a line connecting points and not a trendline?

import as px
fig = px.scatter( x=(conc), y=(ads), trendline=“ols”, labels= {‘x’:‘Concentration’, ‘y’:‘Absorption’})
#this code does not generate hover data

import as px
fig = px.scatter( x=(ads), y=(conc), trendline=“ols”, labels= {‘x’:‘Concentration’, ‘y’:‘Absorption’})
#This code generates hover data.