Line chart getting right data BUT no line showing up?

Hi there
in the code segment below I am sending the correct data to the web page. I want to plot IV rel change against date so

2020-03-11 7.695
is connected to
2020-03-12 22.172

with a line

If I hover over the data points they are plotted correctly BUT there is NO LINE? and no indication on the plot area of the existence of a data point EXCEPT when I hover over it??? Please help I am new to all of this.

print( df_rel_chg_iv_close.head(4) )

#date  iv_close_abs
    #    0   2020-03-11         7.695
    #    1   2020-03-12        22.172
    #    2   2020-03-13        -8.108
    #    3   2020-03-16        26.308

  #  line_chart = px.line(

    line_chart = px.line(
            data_frame= df_rel_chg_iv_close,
            x =,
            y = df_rel_chg_iv_close.iv_close_abs ,
            labels={'symbol':'sym stuff', 'date stuff':'date'},
return ( line_chart )

Hi @comicpilsen I think the problem here is that you cannot use the same column for x and color in a line plot because with plotly lines corresponding to a single trace can only have one color, so here plotly express creates one trace per value of date but there is a single point for each date so there is no line to draw. Did you want to color each segment with a different color? For this you’ll need to add points so that the lines are complete.

hi @Emmanuelle
You were 100% correct. I messed up reading the docs on color. Sorry about that. thank you for taking the time.