No black box hover xaxis


When I move cursor over the plot (compare mode) I have all traces hover infos, but no black box on the x axis showing the x value.
All my traces have same x values, being an array with strings representing hours like [‘00:00’, ‘00:05’, etc]

Here is my layout:
layout = {
title: title,
xaxis: {
zeroline: true,
showgrid: false,
ticklen: 9,
tickmode: ‘linear’,
tick0: 0,
dtick: 12
yaxis: {
ticklen: 7,
ticksuffix: ‘°c’,
range: [rangeMin, rangeMax+4],
showline: true

How can I force the axis value on hover ?

You’ll have to use layout.hovermode: 'x' unfortunately.

Tried that but doesn’t work either.
Still no black hover box for xaxis ticks

What trace types are you plotting?

Ok, I found the problem !

On 7 traces, 3 had no ‘x’ in hoverinfo (some ‘text’, ‘text+name’ etc)
I had x+ in all trace hoverinfo , and it’s back !