Display xaxis ticklabel on hover text rather than x

Hello! I was wondering how I’d modify the "X: %{x:.0}<br>" below so that my custom hover can read X: label and not the numeric x value? For example, X: a not X: 1

I’ve tried using xaxis.ticklabel but that displays ALL the tick labels and not the one of the current point. Anyone have any pointers??

	<script src='https://cdn.plot.ly/plotly-latest.min.js'></script>

	<div id='myDiv'></div>
let trace1 = {
        x: [1,2,3],
        y: [1,2,3],
            "Y: %{y:.0}<br>" +
            "X: %{x:.0}<br>" +
        type: 'scattergl',
        mode: 'lines',

var layout = {
    xaxis: {
      tickvals: [1,2,3],
      ticktext: ["a", "b", "c"],

Plotly.plot('myDiv', [trace1], layout)

Answering my own question! We can do this by just saying %{x} !!! I’m curious if there’s docs around the string syntax for custom hovers?