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Xaxis hover information

I’m not sure if this is possible atm in plotly: I have stacked bar charts with data from different sources. On the xaxis I want a short label (this is done by ticktext and tickvals) but I need an extend text on hover.

I don’t want to change the format but change the whole hover information displayed.

So in my case I want to display AT - [additional information] instead of AT:

Instead of ticktext, have you tried category axis of short labels and putting additional text in text?
Here is a demo.

Thank you for the suggestion. The hovertemplate is interesting especially in combination with text. But atm I’m looking for another effect. My screenshot in the first post might be misleading: I want to change the xaxis tooltip. My need is to have a short ticklabel and a long version in the tooltip (the dark grey one on the xaxis).

@antrg any idea how one may possibly achieve that?