Hoverinfo behavior is different when x value is set through Plotly.Fx.hover

Having dependency on 2 charts and on placing of mouse on one chart, requirement to auto show the hover info on another chart. (Config set : hoverinfo: ‘x+text’)

This I achieved with the using the “Plotly.Fx.hover” and passing the X value.

On mouse over of any chart, X value highlighted on X-axis and only values are shown.

On another chart, by using of Plotly.Fx.hover - showing the hover info. But here X value is repeated on each label. Because of space constraint not showing all the lines values.

Question: Is there any config to specify the “Plotly.Fx.hover” format of data.

You’re probably on-to something, but I’m having a hard time following your description of the problem.

Could you try to replicate this in a codepen/jsfiddle/jsbin?

If not, could you at least paste your Plotly.Fx.hover call signature(s) you used?

Thanks very much!

Thanks for the reply.

From the above screenshot, I placed mouse (manually placed cursor) on Chart2 and capturing x value using ‘Plotly_hover’. With JS code, making Plotly.Fx.hover func call on Chart1.

Here is the sample code, which I used.

//Array of objects with curveNumber property, with equal no traces (lines)
//below xval of 1560537100073 is the xaxis value in milliseconds.
//chart1Obj is Chart1 div element, which plot is drawn.

var tLines = [{curveNumber: 0, xval: ‘1560537100073’}, {curveNumber: 1, oval: ‘1560537100073’}];

Plotly.Fx.hover(chart1Obj, tLines);

Problem: Not drawing all traces values because of height problem. Height issue because of duplicating the Date value for each trace.

@etienne Any alternative/fix for the problem illustrated.