Need your effort and invaluable time to review this app

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Hello everyone,

I hope this message finds you well! I wanted to share some exciting news with all of you. Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to develop a web-based analytic application that I’m truly passionate about. :rocket:

I would love to invite you all to check out the app and provide your valuable feedback. Your insights and suggestions would be incredibly helpful as I continue to refine and improve the application. If possible, please repost or like the post on LinkedIn. Your effort will be highly appreciated. :purple_heart:

You can access the app with following links.
Google Site : US National Statistics
If you are using iMac 27" :

Additionally, I wanted to take this opportunity to express my interest in collaborating with all of you on various projects. Whether you’re looking to add a team member to an existing project or have any exciting opportunities to offer in building analytical applications, I’m eager to contribute and provide solutions.

I firmly believe in the power of collaboration and continuous learning, and I’m open to exploring new opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. If you have any projects or opportunities in mind where I could be of assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Thank you all for your support, and I look forward to connecting with you on this journey of learning and growth! :slightly_smiling_face:

Warm regards,
Satyndra Gautam | LinkedIn

hi @satyndragautam
Not sure why, but the Google Site link is not loading for me. I just get a blank page. The onrender link loads correctly.

Impressive app you built. Congratulations :tada:

I noticed that the help me improve tab has icons that overlay the text.

On the introduction–About tab, it’s hard to see the more details button.
Also, when you scroll down, the card slide on top of the tabs, making the tabs disappear.


The Projects tab is amazing!

When I interact with the US National Statistics dashboard (change the checkbox for example), it takes a few seconds to update. But it’s hard to see that it’s going through the process of updating. Maybe you can add a dcc.spinner so it’s more evident.

The project isnt designed with a dynamic layout for any operating system but the one you are using. Application loaded on mobile is practically un usable. Looks better on desktop but still has styling issues. Just keep in mind the majority of web traffic is mobile, like 60-70% which is why its always a good idea to build design mobile first and work your styling out to bigger displays.

Hey @adamschroeder !

Thanks so much for your kind words, taking time to review, and feedback.

I apologize to hear that Google Site link is not working for you. I will definitely look into it and resolve it if it is within Google Site. This sounds weird to me if Google site link is not loading but onrender link is loading correctly. In addition to this, just for curiosity, what size of device did you use when you accessed the app using onrender link and explored this app?

People might be wondering why I am leveraging Google site link in my post? :slightly_smiling_face:

Reason 1 : I am leveraging the Google Site to embed this app, ensuring the app readability across all devices. Since it was my first personal project, I simply wanted to explore and learn about the potential capabilities of Plotly Dash and use its dynamic functionalities as much as possible, followed by the same layout of your app with fixed sidebar position. Oh! My Learning Days. Initially, I wasn’t much aware of responsiveness for all devices. Along with this learning experience, the more I explored and learned about HTML layout, the more I built a deep understanding of responsiveness and then, I managed to understand that this app wont be responsive within all sets of devices. So, I chose an alternative to embed the app using Google Site for app readability.

Reason 2 : I also wanted to add this app on my portfolio, just in case if anyone is interested.

So ensuring again that, this app won’t be friendly with mobile or laptop or any other devices smaller than iMac 27", when you use this render link. So, I kindly request you to use Google Site link for app readability. I also apologize for not being more straight forward for providing the details about app readability in my post above. In addition to this, you will see a lot of changes, insightful trends and much more. Let’s just sit back and relax while the app is loading.

Here is the link using Google site for app readability for desktop and mobile:


Furthermore, I used the full screen of iMac 27" when I started building this app and didn’t want to get away from the flow of learning and exploring. I just kept going and used the same layout without ensuring the responsiveness. However, my next steps are underway to address this issue with a new app layout soon.

Thanks again for your kind review and time. I really appreciate it. In future, I will make sure it wont happen.

  • Satyndra

Im using a samsung galixy fold and this is what i see when using the google site.

Hey! thanks for your kind words, insights, and encouragement. Totally appreciate it.

I am sorry that you had to face issue with app readability within your operating system. It is true that this project isnt aligned with responsiveness for all devices. It was a project I leveraged to explore and learn about Plotly dash. I should have mentioned some important details to address the confusion in the post above, instead of mentioning such details directly in the app ( first and last page):

Since this app is not dynamic across all the devices which I already know, I kindly request you to use Google Site link if interested again in future.

Also, please provide me with some details about styling issue you are facing. I would be very much happy to go through and address the issue, and resolve it. Since I am pretty much new to Plotly, it is all about learning and growing for me.

Thanks again for your support and time :slight_smile:

  • Satyndra!

Thanks for providing the screenshots. I truly appreciate you for taking time to review this app. I totally understand your concern about styling now. So, I kindly request you to go to the last page (Help Me Improve) and get some insights from the information provided. This will help us land on some common understandings.