Multiplexer & Multipage

Has anyone had success or know if the dash_extensions.enrich Multiplexer will work with Multipage on one of the pages?

I can make it work on single page but am struggling to find the correct setup on Multipage.

Sorry I don’t have code to post (work project and need to create safe version).

But if someone already knows that it cannot work together, that will save me some hassle.


I believe it should work equally well in both cases.

I’m using the multipage with the Multiplexer extension.
Converting a project to be compatible with the Multiplexer requires an alternative import and some changes to the app-statement.

In absence of a minimal working example, your code should look something like this:

from dash_extensions.enrich import Output, DashProxy, Input, MultiplexerTransform, html, State
app = DashProxy(
    __name__, plugins=[dl.plugins.pages], 

Thank You. I have a working model now. I will clean it up and share.