Multi Page Dash app BLANK PAGE; not working

I’ve created a single page dash app that works without any issues. However, when I convert the app to the multipage framework the layout is returned as a blank html page while the 2nd html page is returned correctly. I’ve used the sample from the guidelines as the 2nd page.

excerpt from app1:

this works as a single page app

#app = dash.Dash(name)
#app.layoutlayout = html.Div(style={‘backgroundColor’: ‘#000000’, ‘color’: ‘white’}, children=[

this does not work. when I switch to the multi page app using the same layout from the single page app it’s rendered as a blank html page.

#You can see the layout printed in the terminal just before the post message (example at the bottom). Please note that my structure matches the tutorial and page2 is being returned without any issues.

#- apps




Did you manage to make it work ? I’m facing the same issue.

Unfortunately not. I spent a significant amount of time testing this and am fairly confident that all is in order. I followed a tightly controlled approach. The same code works as a single page but not as part of a 2 page multi setup. The 2nd page is returned without any issues while the first is returned as a blank. Maybe there is a big picture issue that I’m missing, something fundamental could be escaping me. Any help or pointers would be helpful. Thanks.

The way to make that work is sort of a hack that has been detailed here. Except since you are using the new DataTable, instead of rows you would have data. This worked for me when I switched out the dash_table_experiments for the official dash_table.

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Thanks Nicolas. I’ll take a look. Great timing as I just migrated to the new table.

This seems to be a different issue.

Hi Chris

Is there a successful multi-page app we can view even if it’s just the final product (no code). One that has multiple graphs and charts. I looked at the Vanguard report but that seems to have issues and sort of leads back to the multi file structure that’s recommended in the tutorial. is a multi-page dash app, it’s source code is here: GitHub - plotly/dash-docs: ISSUE TRACKER ONLY for The Official Dash Userguide & Documentation

Hi Chris,

I found one of your old posts and the dash_dangerously_set_inner_html.DangerouslySetInnerHTML() approach did the trick for me. Everything works as I need it to. Thank you for your help. This is great.

Hey, I have run into the same issue. Can you post what you did to resolve this?

did you manage to find a fix for this?