Dash-extensions MultiplexerTransform: Mix dash.{Input,Output,State} and dash_extensions.enrich.{Input,Output.State}

Hi, are there any caveats with using Inputs/Outputs/State from dash itself in some cases and dash_extensions.enrich in other cases int the same APP? This seems to work just fine, neglating the need to change all MATCH and ALLSMALLER pattern-matching callbacks into ALL callbacks (which is a caveat when using MultiplexerTransform).

I’m using app = DashProxy() and partly using dash Outputs and partly using dash-extensions Outputs

Maybe @Emil can say something in this regard?

It is recommended to use only dash-extensions imports. That being said, I believe it will work with dash imports also, except for the (new) break_cycle keyword on Input components.

Awesome! Thank you for your fast reply :slight_smile: