Multi page apps or tabs?


I’m currently writing an app that I would like to divide into 3 parts.
Part 1 : data loading
Part 2 : data visualisation based on part 1
Part 3 : data based on part 2

I’m aiming on speed because my dataset is quite big right now. What’s the fastest, which one will be the more convenient ?
If I’m using multiple page I will need to regenerate the layout every time or not ?

The question was already answered in 2018 but it didn’t receive any answer

This is completely anecdotal, but I recently went through this exact decision. I started with tabs but eventually switched over to a multipage app. This might be due to my rather mediocre programming, but the multipage app seems to run more smoothly. I was also able to use a pretty modern looking vertical nav bar that I inject into the app via the app.index_string parameter. So, plotly really doesn’t even know my navbar exists.

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hey, did you find the answer?
cause i have same question rn
and which one did you choose?

I didn’t find answer but I kept the tabs version. I completly rewrote my app and it was quicker. I managed to store data more efficiently leading to less computation.
I suppose that multi-page apps is better for scaling and that you should take this option if you don’t know how big your project will become.