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Dash multi-page app with data load and unload


I am looking for some insights and guidance on creating a multi-page dash app that works with image data. Here is my core of the app layout.

index.py - lists a table of metadata for all the images.
app_1.py - loads an image and a csv file containing some properties of the image and displays a set of graphs and a table. This app has its own layout and callbacks for updating graphs.

Specifically, here is what I’d like to understand.
1.) How can I provide links to open app_1 for each image file on the index page?
2.) How to open app_1 in a new browser tab and load the selected image?
3.) Each image is about 2gb in size and hence I’d also want to unload the data (thereby freeing the memory) when a user closes the app_1 page.

Any help is much appreciated…!

Thank you and have a great day,

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