Multiple Pages vs Multiple Tabs for Data Analytics

Hi everyone!

If I am building a WebApp that will process and visualise data from server via Pandas dataframe, which is recommended to use: Tabs or Pages?
Data processed is big (milions of rows) and there will be multiple graphs and tables which I would like to keep separately.

I am leaning towards multi-page app, but is there any advantage to using Tabs compared to Pages? Any speed/bug/smoothness advantages?

I saw this post but there is no answer and the post is old from three years ago. That’s why I was curoius if there are any answers/developments.

Thanks for all the help in advance!

Hi, I think the most likely reason people would refer to tabs as being faster / responsive is that there are no reloads between tab changes… on the downside, this means that all data needs to be loaded together on initial page load. If you have a lots of data to load/visualize you might want to look at server-side rendering or try to maximize the pre-processing on the server and cache the results.

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One other note regarding the pages Vs tab discussion. If you need printing or pdf conversion or any of that sort and you don’t have a server-side solution, tabs are a nightmare. It can be done, but it’s cumbersome.

I see.
Thx for your input, @jcuypers .
I think I will stick to pages for now.